Zumba on the ship! / Zumba no navio!

Oh yes! I knew I would not be able to go throughout this voyage without my ZUMBA!
What an amazing experience I had — teaching a Zumba class, on a ship, to students and faculties going around the world! Oh yea, at that exact moment we were going through the Amazon river. How wonderful is that?

I had an awesome class, full of energy! We all gathered in the main room, called the Union, and got ready to shake it. I believe it was maybe 50 people in that room. I missed teaching, and of course, I missed dancing the crazy way I do.

This post goes directly to all my Zumba freaks and students! (Suzanne, especially you.) I will be teaching every week from now on throughout this voyage. I believe I feel much more complete now.

By the way, I miss you all, students. if any Zumba freak from my class reads this, tell everyone I am carrying you all in my heart (and my hips) ❤




Ah sim! Eu sabia que nao ia conseguir seguir essa jornada sem a minha ZUMBA!

Que expriencia maravilhosa eu tive — Ensinando Zumba no navio, para estudantes e para trabalhadores, indo ao redor do mundo! Ah sim, e no exato momento estavamos passando pelo Rio Amazonas. Tem como ficar mais maravilhoso?


Eu tive uma classe fantastica, cheia de energia! Nos juntamos na sala principal do navio, chamada de Union, e estavamos preparados para dancar! Eu acredito que tive mais de 50 alunos naquela sala. Estava com saudade de ensinar, e claro, estava com mais saudade ainda de dancar loucamente como danco. E uma terapia.


Esse post vai direttamente para todos os loucos fanaticos por Zumba e meus estudantes (Suzanne, especialmente voce.) Eu estarei ensinando toda semana de agora em diante. Acho que me sinto muito mais completa agora.


E nao posso me esquecer de mencionar da saudade que estou dos meus alunos.  Se algum louco por Zumba da minha aula ler isso, avisa a todos que os estou levando no meu coracao (e nos meus quadris) ❤



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4 thoughts on “Zumba on the ship! / Zumba no navio!

  1. I feel so special to be singled out among your Zumba freaks! I will pass along your love to all the others on Monday when we shake it with Wendy, but she is going home too for 5 weeks soon, and I will have to find someone else to give me that special South American energy and love! I know your class/shipmates now realize what a treasure they have in you. I’m so happy you found another place to share your love–of music, dance, culture, and people!
    Zumba love ❤

  2. Rose Sampaio

    Mommy!!! I miss you Zumba! Fantastic for you baby!

  3. Marcos

    Hahaha you would!!! Nice. I told the boys and they said, “typical Susie” haha. You’re gonna have the whole ship in shape. Keep it up, looks like you’re havin a blast

  4. debi balmilero

    Hi Suse! i miss your samba!!! please video it and include it here or send itto me.
    thanks, Debi…

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