Mauritius – the most beautiful island in the world.

Leaving Cape Town, we were hit by a storm. It was not fun at all — we had plates falling, chairs moving, people in their rooms all day. Walking on the ship and staying awake during class became our biggest challenges.

We already knew that specific part of the voyage was going to be a little challenging. However, what made everything a nightmare, was not being able to stop in Mauritius due to the storm.

The ship had to go around the storms, slowing us down, which meant we were probably going to be late to India. The ship cannot afford to be late to India, since there are so many overnight trips organized already. And of course, due to out security sailing through a storm.

We were heartbroken! Mauritius is considered the most beautiful island in the world, and like Mark Twain said,“You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”
We were only staying there for a full day, but still, it was a full day of new discoveries of a whole new country that most people do not even know about it.

The ship’s crew was so nice by keeping us occupied launching all day activities, as delicious BBQ, extra Zumba classes taught by me, and the dance party at night, which was the best!It felt amazing dancing on a top of a ship, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Nevertheless, we were still upset not being able to get off the ship; until they told us we were not be able to stay a full day, but we would be able to stay 4 hours and not be late to India! WE WERE GOING TO MAURITIUS!

Like the Dean always say “In an epic voyage, we need to be flexible, and understand that anything can happen.” I very much agree with that. It also makes everything much more exciting.

The next day after waking up, we rushed through immigration as fast as we could, since we only had 4 hours to explore the amazing island.
I did not want to do much, besides walking around, seeing new faces and relaxing on the beach; and that’s what I did. A few of us got together and headed to Flic Flac beach, which was 20 minutes away from port. Almost the whole ship ended up there. Is not that I felt antisocial, but I just needed to relax a little bit, so I stayed on the other side of the beach. Plus, half go them ended up in the “drunk tank” (where you are put if you end up making bad decisions and drinking excessively while in port). I still do not know how they managed to get drunk in less than 3 hours, but some of them mastered at it.

Anyways, I wish I stayed a little longer. I talked to a few locals on the beach, and overall everyone seemed nice. They knew all about Semester at Sea already, since we have been going there every voyage.

Mauritius is right next to Madagascar (which I saw from the ship). My cab driver was Muslim, and he looked Indian. One of the locals on the beach was African. And, in Mauritius, the official languages are English and French. I really enjoyed seeing all that mix.

And of course, I cannot forget to emphasize the island’s beauty. Flic Flac was so calm, and the air just felt so clean. It felt good getting off the ship, hanging out with my closest friends,and just relaxing on a good day at the beach, just like my old days in Hawaii.

After that, I got back on the ship, which is always the point when reality hits. Every time we get off, it’s in a new country — and we never really realize it until we are sailing away….

Mauritius – A ilha mais linda do mundo.

Saindo de Cape Town, pegamos uma tempestade. Nao foi nada divertido — tivemos pratos caindo, cadeiras se mexendo, todo mundo nos seus quartos o dia inteiro. Andar no navio, e se manter acordada durante as aulas foram os maiores obstaculos.

Ja sabiamos que especificamente nesse lugar iamos ter esse obstaculo, ja que as aguas nao sao tao calmas. Mas, o que virou um pesadelo foi o fato de nao poder parar na ilha de Mauritius por conta da tempestade.

O navio estava tentando ir ao redor das tempestades, fazendo-nos nevegar bem devagar, o que significa que poderiamos chegar atrasados na India. O navio nao podia de jeito nenhum chegar atrasado na india, porque muitos estudantes ja tinham muitas excursoes organizadas, e tudo viraria um chaos. E claro, por conta de nossa propia seguranca passando por uma tempestade.

Estávamos muito tristes! Mauritius e considerada a ilha mais linda do mundo, e como Mark Twain disse, “Voce entende que Maurtius foi criada primeiro, depois o ceu, e depois o ceu foi inspirado por Mauritius.”
So iamos passar um dia la, mesmo assim, seria um dia inteiro de novas descobertas em um pais totalmente diferente, que muitas pessoas nem sabem que existe.

O navio foi muito bom conosco nos deixando ocupados criando atividades para fazermos o dia inteiro, como um churrasco, aulas extras de Zumba por mim, e uma festa a noite, que foi a melhor! Foi maravilhoso dancar no topo do navio, no meio do Oceano Indico.

Mesmo assim, ainda estavamos muito tristes por nao poder sair do navio; ate que eles nos disse que nao iamos poder ficar o dia todo, mas que poderiamos ficar 4 horas na ilha e nao chegar atrasado na India! NOS ESTAVAMOS INDO PARA MAURITIUS!

Como o diretor sempre diz “Estamos em uma navegacao epica, e temos que ser flexiveis, e entender que qualquer coisa pode acontecer.” Eu concordo. E faz com que as coisas sejam muito mais excitantes.

No dia seguinte depois que acordamos, passamos pela imigracao o mais rapido possivel, ja que sabiamos que somente teriamos 4 horas para explorar a ilha maravilhosa.
Eu nao queria fazer muito, apenar sair para andar, ver novas caras, e relaxar na praia; e foi exatamente isso que fiz. Alguns de nos nos juntamos e fomos para a praia de Flic Flac, que era 20 minutos do porto. Praticamente o navio inteiro acabou indo para la. Nao e que eu estava me sentindo anti-social, mas eu queria relaxar um pouco, entao fiquei no outro lado da praia.

Queria ter ficado mais tempo. Conversei com alguns locais, e todos me pareciam gentis. A maioria sabia sobre o Semestre no Mar, ja que todo ano paramos la.

Mauritius fica do lado de Madagascar (que eu vi do navio de longe). O meu taxista era Muslim, e parecia Indiano. Um local na praia era Africano. As linguas oficiais sao Ingles e Frances. Adorei ver toda essa mistura.

E claro, nao posso deixar de falar sobre a beleza da ilha. Flic Flac era tao calma, e o ar era tao limpo. Foi muito bom poder sair do navio, sair com os amigos mais proximos, e relaxar na praia, que nem os meus dias no Hawaii.

Depois, voltei para o navio, que e quando a realidade bate. Sempre que nos descemos do navio, estamos em um pais novo — e nunca nos damos conta, ate quando ja fomos embora, nevagando…

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3 thoughts on “Mauritius – the most beautiful island in the world.

  1. James Gonser

    I never even heard of Maurititus before. But I will look it up now. See, you are educating me.

  2. Hi, Suse! I’m glad it worked out that you had a little time in Mauritius and posted just enough pix to make me put this place on my list of places to see before I die! It’s a very long list, so I have to live many more years. I think having young friends helps me stay young!

    I made some new young friends (and some old ones too!) here in Korea, where I am spending my Spring Break. It is cold but exciting to be in a lively new culture, esp. at a school where the students come from all over the world! I will put a few pix on FB where you can see them the next time you have a chance to log on.

    We are sharing aloha here just like you are wherever you go! I wish I could be dancing with you on the ship and in all the exciting ports you are visiting!


  3. Rose Sampaio

    Eu estive na Academia de Ciencias aqui em SF e estava lembrando de voce ao estudar
    um pouco sobre a ilha de Madagascar, mas nada se compara a voce que esta vivendo
    esse aprendizado ao vivo em Mauritius!!

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